Kings Hedges

New Block Of 8 Classrooms, Hall, Offices And Staffroom

King's Hedges School

On this project, the school had a very clear idea of what they wanted to achieve so we worked closely with them to fulfil those requirements. The project included: 8 classrooms, multi-use hall, PPA room, offices and staffroom. Products we delivered and installed included: Bespoke teaching walls, classroom desks, chairs, office desks, fitted bespoke storage, bespoke mobile book shelves, meeting tables, office chairs, soft seating in the staffroom and flip top dining tables. The colour scheme was white and dark grey so we could make sure different items matched and were coordinated.


Bespoke Teaching Walls:

The school wanted to have sliding whiteboards with a cream background, this is to help children with Dyslexia as research shows that they perform better when there is a pastel background to black text. We provided this by applying a specialist bespoke printed surface to the whiteboard panels. They wanted a desk for the teacher to be part of the teaching wall from which the teacher could see the children at the same time as having easy access to the storage and whiteboards, this was achieved by manufacturing the desk at an angle. We also used full depth modesty panels to maintain a tidy appearance in the classroom. Cable management and tray modules were used.

Classroom Furniture:

The school had a specific request to have reverse cantilever classroom chairs. The original chair they wanted was not available in all the primary school sizes however were able to come up with a bespoke alternative to meet their requirement without an inflated price. All the desks had our highly durable spray PU edging in dark grey to match the chairs and dark grey trays for the children’s personal storage. Another requirement was for a plan chest for large paper sheets, the school wanted a high-quality unit that would last a long time with quality runners. We provided a bespoke steel solution in white which included metal runners with bearings and anti-tilt mechanism.

Office Furniture:

The school already had bespoke desking and storage in the offices which they wanted to match to as it was not very old. We came up with a bespoke fitted storage solution and desking that matched exactly to what they already had. All desk tops were in Maple finish and the doors of the storage were in a pastel blue finish. We installed office furniture in the main office, head teacher’s office, SEN office and site manager’s office. The head teacher’s office had a larger shaped desk with a full depth modesty panel and a small meeting end and a sofa for informal meetings with staff or parents.

Meeting Room Furniture:

We provided the tables and chairs for two meeting rooms. One was just off the main entrance area designed for meetings with outside visitors and the other on the first floor for staff meeting and PPA work.

Staffroom and Reception seating:

The staffroom was kitted out with our modular seating range with fabric backs and vinyl seat pads. This was because there are often issues with food being spilt on the seats of staffroom chairs and vinyl would give an easy clean solution. The reception area used our Tide seating, again we manufactured these with vinyl seat pads and fabric backs in a range of colours.

Hall Furniture and Equipment:

The school required the hall to have multiple uses, we supplied the following items: demountable staging, stage lighting, stage curtains, flip top tables, fitted storage and stacking chairs. The school can use the hall area for plays, dining, PE activities, parents’ evenings and more. The staging was our aluminium range which has removable legs and castors so the stage can be easily assembled for plays or other presentation events, it can then be demounted onto castors and moved into storage. We installed a low energy LED stage lighting system, this included multi-colour lights for creating special effects in plays using an easy to use controller. We manufactured bespoke curtains for the stage area. The bespoke flip top tables offered an excellent solution for the school as they can quickly and easily ‘flip up’ the tables and nest them together at the side of the hall making it available for other activities. They can also use them for parents’ evenings, sale days and other activities requiring tables.