Hygiene & Safety Carpet Tiles

Create a safe environment in your school with this selection of designs to create signage on your floorplan, to give visible through flow and distancing measures. These can be inserted into existing carpet-tiled floor spaces or laid as a new floor with a complimentary design.

Our selection of social distancing and hygiene carpet tiles act as a perfect reminder to students, staff and visitors about the importance of keeping the government’s guidelines and as a proactive way of reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

The benefits of carpet tiles make them the perfect medium to communicate the message of Social Distancing:

  • Use to direct the flow of foot traffic and change distancing behaviour.
  • simple, effective and informative
  • Ideal size for 2-metre spacing (500mm x 500mm tiles)
  • Replace existing tiles temporarily
  • Ease of maintenance
  • No sticky tape required
  • No tripping hazard
  • Ideal for heavy traffic areas
  • Different colours and bespoke printing available on request.

Thes carpet tiles are an ideal concept for both facilities managers and office managers to replace existing tiles, or as a virus prevention initiative on new flooring projects.