StudiMax SGL Hand Wash Station

The most effective way to slow down the transmission of COVID-19 is to be well informed: you can protect yourselves and others from infection by washing your hands. 

The official advice from the NHS (2020) is to wash your hands with soap and water often and to do this for at least 20 seconds a time.

Based on the preceding information a suitable hand washing solution is required to ensure students and teachers can regularly wash their hands anywhere and anytime on school grounds to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them. 


Portable and reliable, StudiMax has been specifically designed to meet requests from education sector operatives, for a sanitation station that can be transferred to new positions with ease.
Made from a combination of steel and solid-grade-laminate panels to balance weight with strength, other features include:


  • Braked, heavy weight swivel castors, allowing for flexible positioning, ease of removal for deep cleaning and reliable transport across uneven surfaces.
  • Battery operated touchless sensor tap.
  • Stainless steel wash-hand basin, 48L bin and combination soap and paper towel dispenser, to withstand regular deep cleaning.
  • Splashback panels at the sides and rear that keep splashes contained within the counter. 
  • Hinged under-panels provide access to storage space beneath basin.
  • For ease of transport and handling stainless steel handles have been pre-installed. 
  • Available in a concise range of colours


NOTE: Requires connection to cold water supply.




Width - 900mm

Depth - 555mm

Overall Height - 1400mm

WHB Height - 800mm

WHB diameter - 305mm