Brampton Manor Academy

New Stimulating Learning Environment

Client:Brampton Manor Academy is an 11–18 mixed, secondary school and selective sixth form with academy status in East Ham, London. With over 2,000 pupils and in 2020 over 50 students were offered Oxbridge places.

Brief: Having previously worked with Brampton Academy on several school areas we were excited to be working with the school again on their new Year 7 building. We were tasked with recommending and selecting furniture to create a stimulating learning environment and to reflect the school’s ethos and motto of “success through effort and determination.”

Working closely with the school we listened to their specific needs and ideas for what they wanted to achieve with the layout, and we researched and recommended the most suitable furniture options and finishes to meet their needs.

Challenges: The main areas we provided furniture for were the library, dining area and classrooms. It was important that the library made best use of the space available and provided for study areas, both with and without IT provision and areas for book storage. There was a high capacity of students to be accommodated in the dining area so it needed to be carefully designed to ensure the flow of pupil traffic would be unimpeded by the furniture layout.

We had to ensure that every item of furniture worked well together to create a seamless look and feel to the new building and that would also provide a safe, welcoming and stimulating learning environment for Year 7 as they start their journey at Secondary School.

Solution:For the library, we were able to design the room including bespoke made smaller heavy duty classroom tables so that the required numbers for study could be fitted into the area whilst each still having their own working space. In conjunction with these, there was also IT benching, cantilever shelving and a reception desk for the librarian to give a complete library provision.

The Head Teacher wanted to create more of a café style look in the dining room rather than the traditional and functional refectory style that they had in the rest of the school, so we had to source more stylish furniture that was still robust, hard-wearing and cost-effective. The Ice chair was selected as the best option as we had previously supplied this to the school, and it had worked well for them.

We designed the dining area in such a way to still provide workable routes through for flow whilst maximizing the student numbers in the area.

The designs were led by the school, and they used our expertise, skill and experience to refine their design and support them to come up with a suitable design that was going to work for them.

Impact: We’re thrilled to say that by working closely with the school and through our careful furniture choices we have successfully delivered a bright, modern and welcoming and inspirational learning environment that will help pupils and staff want to achieve their very best.

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