Sixth Form & Learning Resource Centres

Important considerations for LRC / Sixth form study area design

A successful Learning Resource Centre should combine a number of different resources to support different learner styles.

Providing adedicated study and social area for sixth form students will encourage a sense of responsibility and help prepare them for the adult world beyond school.

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We have a range of resources to make planning your LRC & Sixth Form Study Area refurbishment easy and hassle free.
You can download our Project Panning Guide packed full of key considerations and options for different layouts and you can also get some visual inspiration from our image gallery.
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Focused Areas

This is a quiet area for in-depth research, concentrating the mind on the assignment.

Suitable products for this area:

  • Desk pods
  • Individual study booths
  • IT resource
  • Dividing screens
  • Furniture with high acoustic properties for noise reduction

We recommend including some storage in focused areas, such as library shelving for neat and effective storage of resources. It’s important to keep this area clutter-free for ease of in-depth studying.

Think about including a few individual comfy seats for students who like to read in peace and quiet.

Collaborative Areas

This is an open networking area for group discussions, exchanging ideas and creative brainstorming, allowing students to develop a diverse set of academic as well as non-academic skills.

Achieve comfort and flexibility by configuring stylish layouts of your choice with our modular soft seating. Modular soft seating can be easily reconfigured to suit any activity.

4-6 person soft seating booths are ideal for collaborative learning environments. They allow students to work creatively in small groups whilst minimising distraction to other parts of the study.

Tables that seat around 4-8 students are ideal for collaborative working. Our table range offers a large variety of different shapes, sizes, heights and finishes.

The use of media stations gives students access to shared IT and presentation resources whilst working in groups.

Dynamic Areas

This is a flexible working area that can be reconfigured quickly for multiple use and learning needs. This area is often used for quick teacher and student sessions or for paired working.

Neat to store and easy to set up and move around, tilt top tables are the perfect solution for this multi-use area.

We can offer many different styles of high-stacking chairs for effective use of space.

Alternatively, we offer a wide range of classroom tables and chairs for a more permanent layout.

The dynamic area should allow for student and teacher presentation. Whiteboards, smartboards, projection areas or big screens are useful presentation tools.

Provide storage such as lockers, cupboards or shelves for the files, textbooks, stationery and other resources that students will need with them in this area. Storage can be designed creatively to compliment the attractive studying environment.

Breakout Areas

Sixth Form is a great time to find like-minded friends and breakout areas allow for essential social interaction. Including breakout areas will motivate students to do extra study.

  • Soft seating
  • coffee tables
  • high tables stools
  • booths
  • dining tables & chairs
  • bookcases
  • canteen areas

... when it comes to breakout areas, there are limitless furniture options for creating comfortable and stimulating spaces where students can go and re-charge.