Music Rooms

Important considerations for music rooms

Music education is more than just learning to play an instrument, itintegrates many different subject areas, helping to build confidence, resilience, and communication skills. The design of your music room also needs to support different functions, from providing a space to practice and experiment, a safe space to store instruments and other equipment and provide access to tech and IT.

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Floor Space

Music lessons are classed as physical activity, with instruments and vocalists requiring room to move. This means that the floor space in your music room must be adequate for the number of musical students in the class. You may also require floor space for equipment such as pianos and podiums or small stages.

A thoughtful layout and space planning can ensure that traffic flow works well and there are no blockages which could potentially cause damage to instruments.


Furniture that offers maximum flexibility and allows you to easily reconfigure the layout is recommended for music classrooms.

Tilt-top tables or folding tables that are easy to move around and store compactly out of the way are an ideal solution. These tables can be used on their own for paired work or can be pushed together to create a layout for group work.

Choosing chairs that are stackable would allow you to store the chairs neatly out of the way for when you need the room in a big, open layout. Upholstered chairs or chairs with seat pads will increase the number of soft surfaces, creating more effective acoustics.

Music rooms must also be equipped with a whiteboard or interactive whiteboard and wi-fi for direct streaming of music and video clips.


It is very important to make sure you have plenty of safe storage space in your music room. Lockable storage will help to proect against the risk of instruments being stolen, or mishandled.

Storage wall is an extremely effective storage solution for music rooms as it is a modular system that has a huge variety of different strorage modules, giving you the ability to create the best layout for storing your equipment. It provides a high volume of storage but only using a small amount of floor space.


The importance of good acoustics in music facilities cannot be stressed enough. Students must be able to hear the slightest variations in pitch, tempo, articulation, and balance. The sound level in your music room can be controlled by reducing excessive background noise through the installation of acoustic panels and by choosing furnishings and finishes with acoustic properties, such as upholstered chairs and carpets.

Acoustic felt panels offer an affordable solution to managing excessive noise by absorbing background noise rather than reflecting or diffusing it. The sound is absorbed like a sponge absorbs water. Acoustic panels also allow you to add a little creativity to your music classrooms. You can choose from a huge range of plain or printed panels or can add your own personal touch with custom-designed panels.