Reception Areas

Important considerations for your new reception area

Make an excellent first impression by designing a reception area that reflects your school’s values and aesthetics, this will help set the tone for what visitors and potential students and staff can expect from the school. 

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We have a range of resources to make planning your Reception Area refurbishment easy and hassle free.
You can download our Project Panning Guide packed full of key considerations and options for different layouts and you can also get some visual inspiration from our image gallery.
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As a focal point of the space the positioning of your counter is very important. If possible, it is best placed where it can be seen from the entrance door but not directly opposite as this can appear too dominant. Reception counters positioned in front of a side wall provide a good view of the whole space and allow use of the wall for signage. Try to avoid centrally positioned counters as this can be unwelcoming and a potential security issue.


With a high-fronted reception counter it's a good idea to keep at least one section lower so that the receptionist can greet and make eye-contact with visitors.


Try to create a balanced look by keeping the size of the reception counter proportional to the rest of the room.


Many reception counter ranges include some form of storage, this could be an under-counter pedestal or filing cabinet or built-in storage compartments. However, if your reception area requires more storage you could consider installing a fitted Storage Wall system.


To create an inclusive environmentfor everyone you canincorporate a section of counter that allowseasy access forwheelchair users, this is usually a low counter with knee recess. 


School reception areas are an ideal place for displaying student and school achievements. This could range from a simple noticeboard presentation to a glass showcase for housing trophies, badges or even fragile artwork pieces.


If there is a high security risk, you can consider high protection options such as reception hatch windows with sliding glass doors. Higher counters and counters with closed sides can also provide guarding.

An access gate/flap unit can be used to give staff the access they need or alternatively if there can be an access route via a rear door your reception desk can be entirely closed.


If your reception is large and echoey or has high ceilings you should consider improving the acoustics by introducing sound absorbing ceiling or wall panels. As well as reducing problems with struggling to hear, incorporating acoustic surfaces adds visual interest.

Why not go bespoke and have your school emblem or a montage of pupils' work printed onto acoustic wall panels?


Receptionists tend to work long hours and it’s important to ensure that they are seated comfortably on a fully ergonomically adjustable chair.

You’ll want to make visitors comfortable and happy by providing stylish seating solutions that are coordinated perfectly with the reception space. Whether you opt for smart tub chairs, contemporary sofas or flexible modular seating, you can enhance the interior through the choice of fabrics and finishes.

Modular soft seating that can be easily adjusted to fit the space, works well in reception areas with limited space.

With a high volume of traffic it’s wise to choose durable materials for your seating that will stay looking clean and won’t wear.