Important considerations for designing a classroom

A carefully designed classroom gives you an opportunity to make an impact on the personal and academic needs of students by meeting modern learning goals and bringing greater joy and engagement to the lessons.

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Research findings suggest that the physical environment can have such an impact that it could affect a student’s academic progress by as much as 25% so we must plan it carefully!

Current trends in classroom design

With an emphasis on flexible learning interiors, many new classrooms incorporate furniture that can accommodate both an agile, and a more traditional setup.

Modular furniture can be easily reconfigured depending on how you want to use the space for your lesson. Small groups of desks make it easier for collaboration, while placing desks in a U-shape will allow everyone to have a front-row seat. Easily moveable furnitures allows for experimentation to find the most suitable layout and preferred teaching style.

Many new classrooms are designed with distinct areas reflecting the layout of a learning resource centre (LRC). The classroom may feature learning hubs, large collaborative group areas, music areas, multimedia spaces and the teacher space. You can make these unique spaces serve special purposes. Some of our classroom projects have included comfy rocking chairs, swinging chairs, or beanbags in a quiet corner to serve as a special reading and music area.


Overcome the big storage challenge within classrooms by installing a Teaching Wall; an efficient storage system that combines teaching and learning resources into one confined space. Find out more about how your classroom can benefit from Teaching Wall.


How exciting and vibrant is your classroom?

Colour influences both our emotions and physiology, causing mood swings that can have an impact on performance. Carefully consider what impact your classrom's colour scheme might have on a child’s learning.

Busy and cluttered walls tend to create a chaotic environment that is not conducive to concentration and learning. Our advice is to keep walls clear and to have a few neat and cheerful displays on felt noticeboards instead.

The design of your classroom should support the vision of the school and adapt to fast-changing technology.

Will it still be fit for purpose in 1, 3 & 10 years' time?


Organisation in classrooms is a key factor to consider. Furniture should be in good condition to help students remain comfortable and centred on their studies.

Seating that is well spaced and comfortable can provide your students with a good vantage point from which to see the entire lesson clearly and interact with lesson materials appropriately. Proper seating also gives the teacher the ability to walk freely between desks and provide each student with personal attention when necessary.

Students who get involved in the creation of their environment (through artwork, configuration, or participation in the physical dynamics of the classroom) experience a sense of empowerment and increased motivation.


Careful attention to sound energy in a room can help to increase concentration in lessons. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that to be able to hear and understand spoken messages in classrooms, the background noise level should not exceed 35dB during teaching sessions.

Using soft surfaces to absorb sound within school environments is one of the easiest ways to control noise levels. Acoustic felt panels offer an affordable solution to managing excessive noise AND can add a little visual creativity.

Our acoustic felt panels are available in three options to suit your budget, from coloured panels, printed murals and bespoke printed panels allowing complete personalisation and creativity for all your learning environments.

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