School Offices

The school officeis one of the most important spaces in the school, it is the hub of the school. It’s important to create an environment thatmakes it easy and comfortable for your admin staff to perform the wide range of duties expected of them. Your staff are your biggest asset, so why not provide them with a space that supports them to achieve theirbest, a space that they deserve! 

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Important considerations for your new school office

Keeping it Clean

The school office or headteacher’s office should be kept tidy and attractive to maximise productivity and set the tone for a positive working atmosphere. The headteacher’s office particularly may get frequently seen by visitors so it’s important to ensure that the room portrays the right image for your school.


Organisation in any office is key but it is particularly important to ensure that your admin staff have adequate storage for paperwork and important records. We highly recommend a flexible Storage Wall system which with its modular layout gives you the ability to create a bespoke configuration to best suit your specific storage needs.

No matter the size or shape of the available area, there are endless options including adjustable shelves, pull-out filing and stationery drawers, pigeonhole facility, media facility. The Storage Wall system maximises storage whilst minimising the amount of floor space used – a highly functional solution with striking aesthetic appeal.  

Ensure your staff are safe and comfortable

Improving workplace wellbeing, comfort and subsequently productivity is a big thing in the commercial environment, but this applies as much to your school office and admin staff as it does to any other office environment. Excessive background noise can influence stress levels and working ability, so we think it’s important to incorporate acoustic surfaces into your office space. Acoustic felt wall panels or ceiling panels offer an affordable solution to managing excessive noise and can add visual interest and creativity to the space. Acoustic felt wall panels are also pin and staple friendly which means they can even double up as noticeboards!

Perhaps the more obvious way to make sure your office staff are comfortable is to provide them with an office chair that offers the right amount of ergonomic support. We recommend buying a chair that supports the spinal curves with a pump-up lumbar feature, and that allows independent adjustment of seat height and back height. Seat slide and seat tilt features are also advisable for creating the perfect sitting position. For maximum comfort you can look at chairs that include a headrest, coccyx cut-out and memory foam padding.


The number of staff you have in your school office is likely to influence what type of desking will be suitable. If you have just one or two office staff you are likely to be able to provide each with more desk space, for example you might go for a crescent shaped workstation or a large straight workstation. There are a number of desk-height storage units such as pedestals, filing cabinets, cupboards and desk-end shelves that can be joined onto these desks for maximum efficiency.

If, however, you have a greater number of staff working in your school office, a compact bench desking system is usually a more appropriate solution. Bench desking is a highly flexible option allowing you to join ‘add-on’ desks to a ‘starter’ desk. There are many additional options for bench desk systems, such as clever under-desk cable management and desk screen dividers to reduce distractions and create greater privacy.

Most desk ranges are available in a wide range of finishes, allowing you to match to the rest of the interior finishes.

Soft Seating

If there’s space, it’s a great idea to include a comfortable soft-seating area which can be used for quick meetings with visitors or for staff-catch up meetings. This could be as little as a couple of tub-style chairs paired with a coffee table or maybe you’d prefer to incorporate some high-back sofas or even a soft seating booth. Some tasks are so much easier to complete from a slightly more relaxed environment!