Storage Walls

Storage Wall is an extremely effective modular storage system that is built to suit your specific storage requirements. With space in classrooms at a premium, Storage Wall makes it easy to keep everything neat and tidy. The modular design and bespoke optionsdelivers efficient storage solutions for every area of the school. 

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We have a range of resources to make planning your Storage Wall refurbishment easy and hassle free.
You can download our Project Panning Guide packed full of key considerations and options for different layouts and you can also get some visual inspiration from our image gallery.
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Making use of vertical space, storage wall provides a high volume of storage but using only a small amount of floor space which means that it is ideal for big or small spaces. In addition to providing efficient storage space, storage wall can be used as a divider or partition wall (even with a door). It combines functionality with striking aesthetic appeal, you can either make a feature of the Storage Wall or plan it so that it just blends in with the walls.

Storage wall features available

Sliding Doors

Ideal for tight spaces, sliding tambour doors or sliding dry-wipe doors allow easy access into the storage space. Sliding doors are also lockable which means that the storage space can be used for important documents, confidential items or personal possessions without having any security worries.

Bridging Cupboards

These are overhead cupboards that allow spanning over radiators and printers. They can be designed to suit any specification.

Pass Through Doors

These are Storage Wall modules with either single or double doors built into them so they can be walked through just like an ordinary doorway. This is especially effective for Storage Wall that needs to be used as a dividing wall.

AV Storage Wall

This is a purpose-built storage system that houses large flat screen televisions. It is designed with effective cable management and can be built around your specific needs.

Glass Display Cupboards

If you’re looking for a place to create feature displays, this is the answer. All shelves are fitted with independent LED lighting to prevent shadows and loss of lighting.

Top Box Storage

Top box cupboards can be used in rooms that have tall ceilings (2700mm high or higher). They are ideal for optimising your storage space and because it’s not that easy to access storage at that height, these cupboards are useful for storing things like archived documents.

Incorporated Sinks

Sink units can be built into your Storage Wall system. This is perfect for use as a coffee-point. It saves you having to have a separate sink unit elsewhere in the space which helps to achieve a neat, streamlined look.   In classrooms you could consider having locking tambour doors to conceal them when not in use and avoid any tampering!

Gratnells Tray Storage

Incorporated tray storage units, especially handy for storage in classrooms. You can choose to have cupboards on front of the tray storage modules or to keep them open.

Bespoke Manifestations

Create an inspirational environment by having a custom designed manifestation across your Storage Wall. This would be an attractive focal point in your room.

Incorporated Soft Seating

Create the perfect agile work place by incorporating built-in soft seating into your Storage Wall system for a break out space.

Finish Options

Storage Wall is available in a huge range of laminate finishes, from plain colours to wood effect and stone effect finishes, you will certainly be able to find the right finish to complement any style. This enables you to easily match your storage to existing furniture in the room if that is a requirement.

Locking Options

There are a comprehensive range of locks to choose from to ensure that you have the security that you require.

Internal Accessories

There are numerous internal accessories for your Storage Wall system to help you create the most efficient storage space for your requirements.

  • Metal shelves
  • Wooden shelves
  • Glass shelves
  • Pull out filing frame
  • Pull out storage drawer
  • Lateral filing frame
  • Filing drawers
  • Pigeonhole unit
  • Pull out hanging rail
  • Coat rails or angled panels with hooks
  • LED lighting for shelves
  • Gratnells trays
  • Laptop storage
  • Pull out keyboard shelf