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Pinchmill Lower School

07/ March/ 2018

Accentuated Learning Classroom

Pinchmill Primary School

The staff at Pinchmill were great to work with and were keen to establish a classroom that worked for everyone, a classroom that was designed to cater to all the needs of different learning styles. After gaining an understanding of the design brief from the Head Teacher, our Consultant then met with a committee of young students. The students tried our furniture for themselves and decided on colours, finishes and styles that they preferred. These were reflected into the final design to create a learning environment that was chosen and created by the pupils themselves.

There are different heights of table, different shapes and different seating styles. This enables students to choose the style that suits them best, to advance their learning in the most productive way, every single day.

There are high tables suited to individual work; this is ideal for the student who wants to get their head down without distraction. There are round tables for collaborative work; ideal for students who perform better when part of a group or team. There are segment tables that offer a dynamic solution, they can be moved around into different configurations depending on the project being worked on. With tiered desking to improve sight lines across the classroom, soft seating for a cosy reading time, a hanging chair as a privilege to reward students for exceptional output, this really is an inspiring environment where students motivated to succeed.