Stratford School Academy

Outdoor Area and Playground

Client:  Stratford School Academy is a mixed, all ability, non-faith school based in Forest Gate, London. The Academy’s purpose is to educate all the children from the diverse local community. By learning together, the Academy comes to understand and appreciate the different cultures and faiths that contribute to its rich and varied society.

Brief: We were thrilled to win the tender to help Stratford School Academy make the most of their outdoor area and playground. The aim was to deliver a flexible space to facilitate the growth in school population and make the most of the outside space, as well as increasing the greenery in the playground area.

Challenge: The main challenge was to source and instal furniture that would be robust, long-lasting and at a competitive price. The tables had to accommodate the students being able to eat at them with trays/plates, rather than ones that were too low or small and the space had to work efficiently even in inclement weather.

Solution: The bespoke canopy provided the flexibility of being able to have the area covered or uncovered depending on the time of year and the weather. It was important to ensure that the outside space would be easy to use and so we installed an electrically operated canopy making it easy and quick to use, so there’s less time wasted waiting for it to be opened/closed manually.

With more emphasis on learning/socialising outdoors and the well-documented impact and importance of connecting to nature, we installed planters along the space to increase the greenery and give the area more of a ‘grown-up’ outdoor café style look and feel.

Testimonial:A huge thank you to Four Square Furniture for designing and installing a perfect outdoor dining area for our students. They can now use the space to catch up with friends, dine outside or even complete self-directed study.”  Charles Gardiner-Graham  

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