Classroom Spaces

We help you to choose stylish classroom furniture that is versatile and practical.

Being the focal teaching and learning space within a school, we believe that classrooms should be visually interesting to inspire creative learning.

We consider flexible furniture options for multi-functional classrooms to accommodate new and varied learning styles. Agile classrooms help students to unleash creativity and take greater responsibility for their own learning whilst teachers shift into facilitators and coaches. Agile classrooms should include furniture that facilitates collaborative learning such as cluster desks where groups can gather to discuss and share ideas and skills. Agile classrooms should also include furniture that supports focused planning and research, usually individual or paired activity. Available in numerous shapes, finishes and sizes our extensive range of classroom tables and chairs are ideal for in-depth study for any age group. A couple of soft seats in a classroom provide a place for students to read-up or jot down notes in comfort. Another important feature of agile classrooms is a space for students to present so that they can receive valuable feedback and suggestions.

Spacious, uncluttered environments are a pleasure to teach and learn in, that is why we encourage smart use of space by offering effective storage solutions such as teaching wall. Teaching wall offers huge storage capacity and can incorporate tray storage, shelving, interactive whiteboards, pin boards or standard whiteboards. Teaching wall is an extremely neat and efficient classroom storage solution, organising teacher resources in one place whilst creating a focal point in the classroom. Another advantage of teaching wall is that it can be configured to suit virtually any layout, giving you the best use of space in your classroom.

Whether you wish to push the boundaries or stick with a more traditional classroom layout, we can provide you with furniture for your style to ensure that your classroom design solution is going to last you for years to come. Our thoughtful designs bring together products and finishes within a classroom to achieve a better appearance, more practicality and versatility. Four Square takes care to ensure that your space performs perfectly for you so we can supply bespoke furniture solutions for unusual spaces or unique requirements. We do more than supply the furniture for your classroom, we also take care of any redecorating, flooring, structural, lighting, plumbing requirements you may have.

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