Let Us Tell You About Our Story

Its difficult to put us in any kind of a box. From runners and climbers, to drummers and crypto miners, we are an interestingly diverse bunch of handpicked professionals. It doesn't take long for one to suss out that we have a pretty good mix of both the creators and the makers, together we tailor cool concepts into strategically planned, aesthetic spaces.

Four Square started out as a furniture division of a stationery company back in 1970.

The high street shop in Harrow was a bustle of activity, but was quickly outgrown and new premises were purchased near Rickmansworth. Here the company grew from a few family members to a team that were committed to helping schools with the challenges of purchasing quality, well-priced furniture that met all their requirements.

By the time snow began to fall in 2014, the company had made the decision to leave the tired building and move once again. In rented premises on the other side of Watford town centre, an IT Manager, Operations Manager and more sales team members were head hunted. This added greatly to the performance and helped us to improve our customers’ experience. The old building was raised to the ground and a purpose-built bright and airy office and warehouse began to take shape.

In January 2018 we moved into our new offices and by March the warehouse was stocked and streamlined.

The team is very happy here in our spacious, yet cosy offices that have a relaxed atmosphere and a hard-working culture, generated by people who like to have a lot of fun.

If you are ever driving past, pop in for a coffee, the machine is always on and we love to make visitors welcome.

Our Leadership Team

Alastair Doouss

Managing Director

As well as being steeped in all the principles and practice of successful business, he is with many years of hands on experience technically adroit in all practical aspects of the business. Always patient and fair-minded with customers and staff.

Flavius Bohaciuc

IT Manager

All things tech. If its broken, he'll fix it. If its slow, he'll speed it up. If its grainy, he'll sharpen it. If its the latest gadget, he already knows about it and probably owns one. Fast cars, electric cars, fast electric cars, very fast electric cars with lots of tech...you get the idea.

Ian Kingston

Sales Manager

The man for all seasons, with the ability to charm any bird out of any tree. He thinks and operates outside the box, and with his inimitable style can find the solutions to any marketing or technical problem.

James Remmington

Internal Sales Team Leader

"Grandpa". That is his affectionate office nick-name or "The man with the posh voice" is how he's referred to by those who have only spoken with him on the phone. Charming, quaint, and steeped in customer service excellence - He is the epitome of a true English Gentleman. Never dressed anything less than very smart, he normally looks more than just a little dapper.

Jim Baldwin

Operations Manager

The skill and experience Jim gained whilst working with one of the most streamlined industries in the world, managing events and logistical operations within the world of Formula One Racing gives us a distinctive edge and finesse to the operations at Four Square.

Kezia Remmington

Marketing Manager

One of those lucky people that is good at most things; graphic design, organising business lunch, CAD, welcoming visitors, website design, booking appointments and hoovering up after other people. She's athletic, bright and creative, a brilliantly effective combination.

Morgan Doouss

General Manager

A natural race driver. Observant, with quick reactions and an understanding of vehicle dynamics makes him a demon behind the wheel. 2 daughters share his love of new shiny things and keep him busy when he's not at work (and sometimes when he is. I think a 3 year old is more capable of making phone calls than most of us!)

Paul Zimmatore

Internal Sales Team Leader

He bikes to work (pedal power) even in the rain and it has never dampened his positive and placid outlook. When he's not calling customers, he's cracking dry jokes in the office that make us all fall about laughing. In his spare time he makes his own board games for the family, goes minnow fishing with his sons, feeds the ducks and cooks DELICIOUS meals.

Stella Doouss

Office Manager

A source of energy lies within our determined and focused colleague, but we haven't established its origin yet. Hardworking, happy and honest, she will beaver away working tirelessly to serve customers with a real passion about everything she does.

Chris Michaeloudis

Marketing Manager

Marketing people are normally a little different and often hover somewhere between reality and outer space. But not Chris. She is a down-to-earth, hard-working, hands-on, mother of 3 (now all educated adults). She underpins the established position we hold as a company and is fast building our customers’ trust with branding that’s consistent with our company vision. Her flexible and congenial approach to any challenge is exemplary.

Caroline Dawson

Administration and Customer Services

If I had to sum up Caroline in two words; patient and kind. Even when anxious or overworked, she remains even and calm. She’s only noisy when excited (which happens quite often) and she is only upset when something that should be clean isn’t clean (which thankfully doesn’t happen much). We get positive comments on her excellent phone manner, efficiency and politeness. Call us to experience it yourself! Go on, it’s: 01923 77 42 42

The way we work

Right from the start in 1973, from our quaint little shop on Pinner high street, to our new modern office and showroom, everything we do has been guided by the key values that help make us who we want to be.


Understand the challenges that others face and respect what they really care about, enabling us to maximise potential of any opportunity.


Keen to provide environments that totally inspire people to win. Constantly researching, inventing and improving because we love to learn and we want to empower people to succeed.


Fair and genuine in all our business dealings. Honest and open, we are anyone's friend, adviser, colleague, or guide.

We understand the changing nature of the structure, content and processes in business and education, so we make it our job to source furniture that will provide you with the most effective solution.

What makes us different


The customer comes first in everything we do, so we are not satisfied unless you are over the moon.

We work to deliver your choice, not what you just settle for, therefore we believe that the customer should have maximum involvement in creating a design with us - You define, we refine.

The name 'Four Square' is the embodiment of the firm-standing support we offer from initial contact, through to completion and beyond. It is also representative of the dependable solutions we deliver every time.

What makes us happy

In short, we thrive on elevating experiences. Your smile is our trademark and that's how seriously we value relationships.

Every morning, we all come to work because we want to make a real difference to peoples' working environments. We genuinely take pride in delivering a top drawer service to everyone who knocks at our door.

Besides furniture layouts and cool spaces, we must admit to occasionally indulging in a game of pool, the odd chocolate feast and BBQ breakfasts on the roof, just to ensure our well-being!