Door Guard

Many schools have long, narrow corridors with numerous fire doors in place, all of which would normally be touched by pupils, staff and others moving around the school throughout the day. To reduce the risk of spreading infection without compromising fire safety, we recommend using a Door Guard as a simple and safe way to retain and release fire doors. These can be easily retro-fitted to existing doors and use a sensor to release the door as soon as a fire alarm is heard. This is a great solution for reducing the surfaces being touched, so reducing the risk of contamination and virus spreading.


Product Features: 

  • Listens for continual sound and will automatically release when the fire alarm sounds
  • Installs in under 5 minutes—not hard wired or connected to the building’s fire alarm system & can be fitted by any competent person
  • Battery operated—completely wire-free installation (will last approx. 18 months)
  • Complies with BS EN1155 & accepted by the Fire & Rescue Services
  • Complies with BS 7273-4:2007 & BS7273-4:2015
  • Smart, unobtrusive design
  • Easy foot-operated release & adjustment
  • Plunger, with rubber ferrule grips onto floor (or floor plate) to hold door open
  • Can easily hold the door open at any convenient angle
  • Automatic night-time release
  • Includes ‘Fail to Safe’ mode and allow fire door to close—in the event of battery drain down or failure


NOTE: Unsuitable for voice or intermittent fire alarms or noisy kitchen type areas.