Titan One-Piece Antibacterial Classroom Chair

The Titan one piece chair is the perfect chair for a demanding classroom environment. This version of the best-selling chair has an antibacterial composition, giving increased protection against the spread of infection in schools.
Titan Antibacterial Chair is specifically designed for use in healthcare and education. Its non-porous polypropylene body stops dirt embedding in the surface and the silver-based additive kills 99.9% of MRSA and E.Coli on contact. The chairs can also be easily cleaned using detergents or steam cleaners.
  • Super-strong 4 leg chair perfect for everyday use.
  • Consisting of a durable impact-resistant polypropylene shell.
  • The seat shape promotes good posture and the frame is anti-tilt, making it safe for younger users
  • Stackable up to 15 high
  • Moulded carry handle for easy rearranging in the classroom
  • Minimum order of 5 chairs
  • ONLY AVAILABLE IN BLUE (as pictured)

Dimensions (mm):

Product Width 482
Product Depth 510