Whitney Modular | Hygiene Range

This is one of our most popular soft seating ranges, due to its great value and flexibility. Upholstered in Chieftan's Just Colour faux leather fabric which has special antimicrobial features, this range offers unparalleled safety and protects against bacteria. This is very important on surfaces that are frequently contaminated with germs, for example, reception area seating or staff room seating. 




  • Fully upholstered modular furniture with deep filled cushions for comfort
  • Matching coffee table with oak look or glass top 
  • Angled backrest for comfortable seating position  
  • 5-year guarantee 
  • Made in the UK
  • Two-tone fabric option -  please call for a quote


Just Colour Vinyl (Faux Leather) Fabric:

  • Just Colour vinyl has Sanitized® antimicrobial properties, specifically developed to provide a high level of immediate and long-term protection against attack by micro-organisms
  • The Sanitized® hygiene function reduces the growth of microorganisms such as clostridia and antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA, VRE and NDM-1
  • This is especially important for surfaces that are frequently contaminated with germs and where ongoing protection between cleaning cycles is indispensable
  • Sanitized® will not leach into the environment, nor transfer to other articles or to the skin
  • It prevents bacterial and fungal growth as well as eliminating microbial staining



Overall Width

  No arms - 575 mm

  Left / Right arms - 625 mm

  Armchair - 675 mm

  Corner seat - 670 mm

  Concave / Convex - 570mm


Overall Depth

  No arms - 710 mm

  Left / Right arms - 710 mm

  Armchair - 710 mm

  Corner Seat - 670 mm

  Concave / Convex - 720 mm


Overall Height 740 mm

Seat Height - 400 mm